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-Pioneers of Vertical Videos-

We were some of the first Marketeers in Central Europe to explore TikTok. Saomai Nguyen Le, our Co-Founder has had hundreds of thousands of followers since 2020, and Leander Seidl has been running TikTok Ads since 2019.

We have worked with some of Central Europe's leading brands, helping them navigate the exciting but complex format of vertical short video, wether it's on Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts or TikTok.

With a proven track record and experience, we are your ideal partner: wether it's for a one-time sparring & brainstorming session or a long-term collaboration to help your content creation.



Saomai Nguyen Le

With more than 300.000 Followers on TikTok, and almost 20.000 Followers on Instagram, Saomai knows how to create content that people love to engage with.

Having worked with regional and international brands, she knows the complexities of content creation workflows – and how to make them work for your company!

Leander C. Seidl

As an experienced CMO, Leander knows how to strategize and execute campaigns that don’t just focus on vanity metrics.

Instead, our approach takes into consideration your entire company – our projects on TikTok are always planned with the success of the entire business in mind!


We are looking forward to getting to know you!