Bringing your company onto the next level!


We are a Digital Marketing Team with over 10 years of practical experience in creating individualised online Marketing solutions for companies of all sizes.

We will carefully analyse your existing digital presence - your Website, your performance data, your social media channels and your community - and create a tailor made strategy for success.

We then implement this strategy for you - or, we assist, advise and coach your own team in order to be prepared for the challenges of 2019 and beyond.



Leander C. Seidl

As an experienced marketer, I love planning and setting up campaigns and marketing systems that will lead to your success.

I am passionate about achieving the best results for any campaign we run, by using the most up to date techniques and strategies.

Together, we can reach new heights for your company!

Saomai Nguyen Le

I am the honest critic, creative mind and the content creator of our duo.

Whether its crafting high-quality videos, stunning images or a new brand identity for your business.

After having built up several successful brands, I know what your customers like to see!


We are looking forward to getting to know you!

tik tok ads

Reach the young audience!

A new Social Media App offers its own risks and opportunities. We are the pioneers in Europe in running ads on this Advertising Platform. If your product is appealing and relevant to the youngest generation of Social Media users – then join us and benefit from an untapped opportunity.

marketing automation


New technologies allow you to free up time everyday, by automating tedious and repetitive processes. A Messenger bot that answers the most frequently asked questions of your customers? A system that sorts your potential clients and delivers them the right information? We create a tailor-made solution for your needs!

Social media strategy


Posting pretty pictures isn’t enough anymore. To make sure that your social media channels have an impact on your business numbers, we determine your goals and create a system to keep your brand active, engaged and visible on all channels that are relevant to you.

instagram filter

let your audience be you!

Augmented Reality-Marketing is still in its infancy. But thanks to Instagram opening its Face Filter platform to creators, a new opportunity for innovative brands has been created: by using viral face filters, your brand can organically be seen by thousands of new customers.

Our team of developers and strategists will create your perfect face filter campaign!

web design

Reach your perfect audience!

Your Website needs to look appealing, work on all kinds of devices and load quickly. These are common beliefs, that every decent web designer should be telling you. But we take it one step further:

We optimize the entire user experience on your new site, so that your visitors will actually become customers. This approach to conversion-optimized Design will dramatically increase the effectiveness of you marketing and thus your revenue. 

keynotes & workshops

learn it yourself!

Do you want to stay up to date about the newest developments and trends in digital marketing? Do you want to get an in-depth understanding about a certain marketing channel or technique? We can create a custom workshop for you and your team! By focusing on the challenges your team is facing day-to-day and by providing detailed follow-ups, we ensure that each workshop has a lasting benefit for your company.

Laser Targeted

Reach your perfect audience

When we run paid advertising for you, we precisely define your target audience. Using the most up-to-date techniques available, our campaigns reach exactly who they are meant to reach: your ideal customer!



During this one day intensive crash course we will introduce your marketing team to all the opportunities and unknown possibilities of a company’s presence on Social Media. 

We will teach you:

  • how to determine your social media goals
  • how to optimise your accounts – Facebook, Instagram,…
  • what content marketing is and how you should implement it
  • the power of Social Media Advertising
  • how to analyse the data from your campaigns
  • tips and tricks how to easily automate all your processes
  • what to watch out for legally due GDPR
  • some behind the scenes secrets of successful accounts
  • and much more